Products – Herbal Healing Salve

Locally crafted, natural skin care product made with simple ingredients to help alleviate skin issues. My hope is that the salve I create will help people connect to the plants around them, encouraging them to utilize and appreciate the medicine that surrounds us.

Calendula petals and chamomile ready for infusion.

Wild Fox Medicine Herbal Healing Salve is handcrafted using herbs that I have grown or wildcrafted. Wildcrafting is the age-old custom of gathering plants from Wild, and a way of inviting the Wild into our lives. The salve is made in small batches to ensure freshness and I source as many local ingredients as possible.

Herbs used in the recipe are:

  • Calendula
  • Plantain
  • Chickweed
  • Chamomile
  • Comfrey

These herbs are known for their anti-inflammatory, skin soothing and regenerating properties. Works to soothe itching and irritated skin, helps with eczema, tattoo healing, bug bites, rashes, scrapes and scratches, burns and bruises. Also moisturizes skin and was originally created to help heal our hands after gardening in clay soil (and heal my husband’s blacksmithing burns).

Harvesting plantain (growing around a baby oak tree).